KTMI was launched in 2008. It's primary purpose is to help restore real, radical, pure and powerful Christianity around the world.

We want to fire-up people for the cause of Christ in our time. To be radical disciples of Jesus means we are signing over the title deeds of our lives to serve God. This means we are "opting out" of the devil's plan to make us slaves to our appetites, fantasies, and false hope. We are "opting in" for an adventure of a lifetime as we begin to offer up our bodies, souls, and spirits to be living sacrifices to the King of Kings - the Lord Jesus Christ!

KTMI's parent owner is a non-profit company, Transformation International, Inc. Transformation International (TI) was launched in 2001 to help locate, support and release people, finances and projects all over the planet for the cause of Christ. TI is has 501.c3 status, so that any donation you make will be tax deductible, subject, of course, to the rules of the IRS.

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